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Allyfotografy Media & Co.

We are a Media Company that offers photography + videography services for both lifestyle and business. We offer a variety of services from lifestyle to business. We do custom packages for content creation, branding and business strategy. Chances are if you are looking for any media service we can do it! We pride ourselves in the unique services we offer and have had over 7 years experience in our fields! We love working with each client to create timeless portraits and on brand content. We love what we do and can't wait to hear about your upcoming event/project. Please take a read below to get a little more personal with us, something we think is super important. We want our clients to know us and feel comfortable just like we want to know all about them too!


Ally is the head photographer and videographer at Allyfotografy Media Co. Ally's true passion is content marketing where she creates imagery and video for social media business clients. Ally has recently launched her 1:1 business strategy courses that include information on growing a business, launching and Instagram strategy. 


Ally first started her career 5 years ago after graduating from University and feeling "stuck" in a field she was not passionate about. She picked up a camera for a hobby and soon realized her love for capturing images and telling stories.


Ally also has a studio/office in Surrey where she photographs the occasional headshot, product shot or newborn session.


When she is not working (she is always working) Ally loves to kick back and watch some Netflix with her main squeeze, walk the beach or eat lots of yummy food... while petting her fur pup Bear.


***Definition of name: Ally-foto-grafy - The word photo in Portuguese is spelled "foto" = Allyfotografy***

Ally Matos Creative Lead

The Collective


Gem is our Community Manager and PA here at Allyfotografy. Owning her own business before joining our team she knows the ins and outs of running a successful business and joined the Allyfotografy team to help revamp and bring us to the next level.


Gem is our go to woman. Her roles include community outreach, assisting on shoots, designing (she revamped our website) and editing. We don't know what we would do without Gem and we are so pumped to have her on the team.

When Gem isn't doing whatever task we might give her she is either enjoying wine with friends, travelling, doing hot yoga/fitness classes, or doing something in the outdoors with her daughter and husband like paddle boarding or snowboarding! She loves making the most of her days.

Gem Parker 
Community Manager/Personal Assistant
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