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Content Creation Photography

Here at Allyfotografy Media Co. we have been producing content creation for 5 years. In the last few years we have seen a rapid growth in businesses starting to take action and create imagery on their social platforms to drive sales. This is one of our favourite marketing approaches as we strive to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience for our clientele. Our goal is create beautiful and impactful imagery to help drive profitable customer action. We help you get to know your audience, create the content that fits your business, set up your content marketing goals and optimize that content. Creating curated visuals for your brand/company is our jam so what are you waiting for? We cant wait to connect! 



We live in a visual world. No matter what products you are selling, if you do not have the right photos to represent the product and brand/company, your customers will be less likely to invest and purchase these products. Having images that accurately and attractively represent the product will boost sales online. Product images can be used for e-commerce, advertisements, brochures and marketing. We will walk you through what kinds of images to produce for both product page that will help grab attention to your potential and existing customers. We are here to help you stand out so you can start selling online! 


Your branding is a way for people to know who you are in your business. This is how customers learn to get to know you and to recognize you. Its a way for people to gravitate to when they experience your business. Your branding is one of the most important things to have when starting/relaunching your business. Having a strong brand also goes beyond a nice logo and colours. The brand IS your business so it has to represent it the right way. We love helping our clients with logo creation, brand decks, colour palettes and more! It is our duty to create visuals that best represent your brand. We believe that your brand is all about stories. Its about connection and community. We want your customers to have a positive experience that will keep the coming back because they trust the name and mandate of your company. Having proper visuals that best represent your brand increase the value of your company. 


We also capture portrait and business headshots. We love a variation between in studio and outdoor and can offer both in one session! Headshots can feel strange and awkward and it is our goal to get you comfortable and to photograph the real you while still maintaining nice professional shots. We have photographed headshots for a variety of people ranging from music artists, actors and business owners. 

1:1 Photography Course

This comes as a 1, 2 + 3 hour course. Learn to use your cameras settings, understand posing, lighting conditions, camera functions and how to apply that your business as well as 1:1 demo shooting. These courses are an intro class meant for new photographers or anyone who wants to up level their photography skills. We offer second and third level courses for anyone who would like to apply these skills to their business!

Content Creation Videography

Video marketing is the way of the future. Wether you are sharing valuable content or sharing your story through brand video, this new type of marketing and advertising is a very powerful tool. It can serve you and your business for any of your needs such as promotional campaigns like Kickstarter, influencer marketing + sharing important messages about your business/brand. Video drives emotions that resonate with your audience with the mixture of sounds, motion and visuals. This then creates more impact on your audience which will also create lasting relationships and drive sales. 



We specialize in commercial photography specifically for everything and anything food! if you own a business, restaurant, cafe etc we are your one stop shop for all your content/menu photography needs! We have created food images for restraints all over the world to be used for magazines, ads, packaging, menus, cookbooks and more! We make sure we have our stylist available to help with food presentation. Food is art. We help modify, process, arrange and decorate your food to enhance its aesthetic appeal. We love also creating content images to use for all your social platforms! Having real people interacting with the food helps drive customers to your feed. Food presentation is so important so it is our job to bring that same delicious look online!


Gone are the days of just the regular photo to grab your clients attention! We do Cinemagraohs which is still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. They are published as an animated GIF or in other video formats, and can give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation. Its an amazing tool to use to stand out from the crowd and we can make them for you! Inquire today about how you can get started! 

Business Strategy

We are committed to help you with your brand/company by creating short and long term plans of action. We help your organize your goals and objectives and help you execute them through brand visuals and marketing. We do an overhaul of your business and deconstruct and rebuild from the ground up. We find out what is not working with the current model and what is working and re-map so you can achieve your desired goals. Its is very important to have a clear business strategy in order to determine the brand/companies future. We go through the brand/companies strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats and zone in on how we can grow and drives more sales in the business. We will gather all the facts, develop a vision and mission statement, identify the strategic objectives and performance management. We will then plan out any visuals the company may be lacking and also discuss marketing efforts to help your business evolve.

Instagram for Business

Understand the basics of social media marketing, we go over algorithms, content strategy and sales funnels, overall branding + makeover of your business so you can feel confident o post with intent and start connecting with the right crowd! This course is great for anyone who doesn't want to hire a social media manager or for someone who wants to learn how to run their own account and share the right content!

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